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Our goal is to create a training environment that encourages participation, develops soft skills and provides a voice to every participant. A place to grow and thrive.

We work with you to develop engaging trainings to meet your requirements and to ensure participant engagement. Our instructors are industry leaders with a passion for what they do. They are able to pull from their own professional histories to offer real-world examples to further illustrate their topics.

Your teams remain focused, engaged and motivated.


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Project Management Fundamentals
Project Management Fundamentals
March 30, 2019
A technique you may utilize to decrease a project's schedule and accelerate task completion with the addition of resources to critical path pursuits or by cutting down on project requirement...
Risk Management is part of everyday life…
Risk Management is part of everyday life…
March 26, 2019
Whenever I run a project management course or workshop, I always tell people that “Risk Management” is my favorite topic. Unfortunately, I usually do not have the time to explain this clearl
Understanding and Accessing Project Risk
Understanding and Accessing Project Risk
March 24, 2019
Risk is not the enemy! In most languages, the term “risk” carries a very negative connotation. In fact, clients often tell me, whenever I bring up this topic as it relates to their organiza

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