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Our goal is to create a training environment that encourages participation, develops soft skills and provides a voice to every participant. A place to grow and thrive.

We work with you to develop engaging trainings to meet your requirements and to ensure participant engagement. Our instructors are industry leaders with a passion for what they do. They are able to pull from their own professional histories to offer real-world examples to further illustrate their topics.

Your teams remain focused, engaged and motivated.


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Change vs Risk Project Management
Change vs Risk Project Management
June 13, 2019
Change versus Risk:  The quick and straightforward definitions for “Change” and “Risk” are as follows: changes are usually unexpected, and almost always unwelcome, though they need not be
Managing Risk Decreases Stress
Managing Risk Decreases Stress
June 3, 2019
If you are like me, chances are that most of your stress, the stuff that makes you lose sleep, are things that might happen, but have not yet done so. Sure, there are plenty of things on han...
The Importance of Project Management Certification
The Importance of Project Management Certification
May 29, 2019
Whether you are considering getting certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP,) or as Agile Certified Professional (PMI.ACP,) or as a PRINCE Practitioner, the benefits to you as we...

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