A Comprehensive Guide to PMP® Exam Preparation

So, you have finally decided to go ahead with the Project Management Exam but still trying to figure out how to prepare for the PMP exam? Worry not! This article will take you through some of the best tips and practices you should adopt to crack the PMP Exam. So, take your notebook and start penning down all these essential tips so that you don’t miss out on anything.

A Comprehensive Guide to PMP® Exam Preparation

Each year, different types of individuals with different sorts of experience and expertise appear in the PMP exam. But unfortunately, only a few successfully sail through it. Every person is different, so are their learning habits and capabilities—That’s why you should make a study plan according to your capabilities.

Four  best practices for your PMP® Exam preparation

Here are some of the most legit practices that will help you in your PMP exam preparation.

Feed the PMP Examination Content Outline & PMBOK Guide In Your Mind.

Before starting the preparation for any exam, it is necessary to understand the content outline and the structure of the questions that you’ll face in the exam. So, your first step should be going through the PMP Examination Content Outline so that you can get a decent idea of the PMP Exam format.

PMI publishes PMP Examination content outline to help you understand:

  • Different types of questions as per the Process areas
  • Skills and knowledge required to face difficulties as a project manager.

Along with this, you should also go thoroughly read the PMBOK guide to avoid any unwanted surprises during the exam.

PMBOK guide is nothing less than the bible for PMP preparation. It consists of the most critical important needed to crack the exam. PMBOK guide explains all the essential PMP processes and guidelines and also describes how these are applicable to project management.

Take Formal Courses To Kick-start The Preparation

There are tonnes of high-rated PMI-approved institutes in the market that offer quality training to help you crack the PMP exam. However, you can indeed crack your PMP exam without even enrolling in these courses. The only difference is that these courses remove all the clutter you’ll have to go through in the preparation and considerably help you minimize the preparation time.

Here are a few reasons why you should enroll in a PMI certified PMP Course:

  • First, it will allow you to get tailor-made study materials, which are essential for exam preparation.
  • It will help you get hands-on experience by working on different projects, which would familiarize you with various project management concepts, formulae, terminology, and other key inputs.
  • And most importantly, completing these courses will get you the 35 contact hours certificate, which is super duper important for you to be eligible for the PMP exam.

 Come up with a study plan and Start Self-Studying

No matter which institute you enroll yourself in or what study materials you have in your arsenal unless you dedicatedly study, it is all for naught.

I always tell the aspirants that you become a project manager when deciding to go for the PMP exam. But why so? Like a typical project, you will have to make plans (study plans) and define processes (going through the study material and eliminating unneeded stuff). So treat your exam preparation as a project and make a plan that covers everything necessary to crack the exam.

Most importantly, come up with a study that aligns with your capabilities and break up your study sessions into smaller parts.

Practice Hundreds of Mock Tests

Mock exams are possibly the best way to judge yourself and see where you stand. Mock tests help you find your weak and strong points and understand where you need to work the most.

PMP exam is a 4-hour long exam that tests your PMP knowledge and your mental sturdiness because it is not easy to sit in front of a computer for 4 hours straight. And mock exams will also prepare for this hours-long punishment 🙂 Anyways, if you are serious about cracking your PMP exam, be sure to give as many mock exams as you can.


Remember that PMP certification is a must if you want to do well in the profession of project management, and believe me, this certification is your ticket to a hefty salary and a senior position(if you play the game well). I am sure that the points I have mentioned above will make your journey smooth and help you crack the PMP exam on the first attempt.

And before wrapping up, let me tell you that the PMP exam is not simple; almost 3 out of 5 people fail every year. So start your preparation right away.

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A Comprehensive Guide to PMP® Exam Preparation

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