Results+ Guaranteeing Your Goals are Met

“Results+” is a tool we created at PM Workshops to help our workshop participants and consulting clients observe and gauge the benefits of attending our training sessions and our consultation services.

The purpose is two-fold:

  • To establish clear expectations and objectives with our clients from the start to provide the appropriate training.
  • To ensure our clients gain the benefits they were looking for when they hired us.

Results+ Guaranteeing Your Goals are Met


We start this process by meeting with our clients and determining the objectives using the SMART principle. In other words, each goal needs to be (example included):

Specific“the client wants to decrease the number of unapproved changes throughout their company to minimize loss of profits.”

Measurable – “unapproved changes to all company projects must decrease by a minimum of 25%.”

Assignable – “The client has the right staff required to achieve this goal. In addition, they have people they can assign this goal to.”

Realistic – “client currently has the tools and capabilities needed to achieve this goal, or can achieve them through training and consulting from PM Workshops.”

Timely – “decreasing the number of unauthorized changes (scope creep) by 25%, as stated above, will be achieved within six months.”

Once the goal(s) is established with the client, we prepare a plan, course exercises, and case studies to use during our workshop with the participants. Also, we provide our existing templates and develop new ones, which our clients and their participants can use in their day-to-day assignments.

Finally, we follow up with the client on a pre-defined schedule to gauge progress, make adjustments as needed, and answer any questions or doubts. This phase continues until the deadline date for the goal(s) defined.

Our goal in creating R+ is to allow us to guarantee to our clients that we are providing them measurable benefits and ensuring that they can meet their goals and objectives.

PM Workshops provide professional development training to accelerate careers and strengthen businesses…

Our goal is to create a training environment that encourages participation, develops hard and soft managerial skills, and provides a voice to every participant—a place for everyone to grow and thrive.

We work to develop engaging training that meets client needs and ensures class participation. Our instructors are industry leaders with a passion for what they do. They can pull from their professional histories to offer real-world examples to illustrate their topics further.

Your teams remain focused, engaged, and motivated.

Results+ Guaranteeing Your Goals are Met

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