ISO Standards

We take the following ISO standards, which are broad-based and theoretical, and adapt them to our participants’ professional needs by using real-world examples and case studies. We have found this method to be best in helping the students better understand and effectively use the standards since ISO simply provides a guideline and does not provide detailed instructions for their application nor are case histories projects included.

ISO Standards Trainings

  • ISO 9000 Family – Quality ManagementThis 4-day course covers the ISO 9000 Series, which encompasses quality management and the implementation of a quality management system. The latter is typically a quality management plan, which will lay out a roadmap for achieving quality objectives, develop quality checklists, create a quality training program for staff, and, of particular interest, develop the audit processes, which include proper documentation, organizing the audit material, and preparing for the actual audit as either the auditor and/or audited.
  • ISO 13485 Medical Devices – This 3-day course covers not only the standard itself, but also the ancillary processes and guidelines needed to effectively apply the standard to the development, manufacturing, implementation, and commissioning of medical devices. As noted earlier in this section, the ISO standard simply provides a checklist of tasks and procedures needed to effectively create, deploy and use the devices, but lacks real-world examples and applications, which are crucial in effectively understanding the intent of the standard.
  • ISO 14000 Family – Environmental Management – This 3-day course covers this standard as a framework for organizations that are required to systemize and/or improve their environmental management efforts. And although it does not provide, nor detail out, the environmental management system (EMS) required within this standard, it does provide a checklist for developing such a system. Therefore, our trainers, who are certified and/or possess extensive experience in environmental sustainability, assist the students in creating an actual EMS.
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management –This 3-day course covers the methodology provided in this standard as well as the trainer’s experience in the field of preparing a Security Management System (SMS), which is critical for any company in order to protect client and staff data, intellectual property and other sensitive information. Additionally, this standard, when properly applied and incorporated into a security management plan, will satisfy the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is an essential part of any company working within the EU.
  • ISO 31000 Risk Management – This 3-day course is a must for any person working directly in project management and/or product development. The purpose of this standard is to assist companies in developing their own specific Risk Management Plan, which is essential for running a business, running programs and/or projects, as well as for addressing other risks inherent in any business. The course will teach participants how and where to identify risks, both positive (opportunities) and negative (threats), qualify (score) and quantify (currency) them, prepare appropriate responses, as well as determine how best to effectively monitor risk control.

ISO Standards Trainings

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