Project Management Consulting

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In addition to providing training and coaching, we also offer a wide range of consulting services to our clients in the area of project management, as well as in its subsidiaries and supporting activities.

Project Management Consulting

Our consulting services include:

Project Management

Whether you are planning a large or small endeavor within your company or even your personal life, project management enables you to meet your goals by creating a roadmap from start to finish, which will include scheduled reviews and monitoring to ensure that you do not veer off track. Additionally, project management involves dealing with staffing issues, procurement, and stakeholder engagement, to mention a few. The subareas involved in project management, and which we cover in our consulting services, include:

  • Scope Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Cost Management

The above three subsets comprise the bulk of the core basis of project management, collectively defined as the “Triple Constraint.” As any project manager, with even the most minimal experience in their field, knows scope, the detailed description of the project, schedule, the intermittent and final deadlines for any project and deliverables; and cost, which includes a set budget; is of paramount importance to any client, sponsor, project manager, and other key stakeholders. This is not to say that quality or risks on a project are not important, but rather that the first three drive the project’s success more intensely.

The additional subareas include:

Depending on the client’s needs, our consulting services can last a week, months, or much longer. We may also work full time or just a few hours a day or week to provide guidance and or performance evaluation and control. Our goal is to assist our clients in preparing their products and deliverables based on sound project management practices.

Our project managers have the academic training, vast project management experience, and the appropriate certifications to perform their assignments efficiently and effectively. The salient certifications related to project management include PMP (Project Management Professional), PMI-ACP (Project Management Institute – Agile Certified Professional), and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) Training.

Project Management Consulting

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