Project Management in 2022 and Beyond!

According to a recent Project Management Institute (PMI) report, employers will need almost 88 million project managers by 2027 to fill project-related roles.

Project Management in 2022 and Beyond!

However, regardless of any actual data collected, empirical and anecdotal experience shows that project managers are. Still, it will continue to be in high demand for years to come. This is because project managers provide much-needed leadership, organizational skills, technical expertise, and a host of other strengths needed to run organizations, execute projects, and motivate teams to get the work done. Whether this work entails opening a new business, building a skyscraper, improving our environment and communities, and so on, solid, professional project management must be available.

The new PMBOK (7th edition) demonstrates how much the project management industry continues to change and how essential it is to remain flexible and adaptable, making for a very exciting time. As a PMP (project management professional) myself, I have noticed over the years how many of my clients are becoming more amenable to applying the right approach to the right project, as opposed to trying to make a project fit into a predictive, agile, or hybrid lifecycle. This is due because as we face more and more challenges and potential opportunities, we see the need to adapt our mindset, resources, and expertise for the benefit of the project, our teams, clients, and end-users.

I am currently working on several projects, including starting a new professional service within civil engineering and a current construction project and publishing a new project management book. And, obviously, all three projects are very different and require a tailored approach. Therefore, I am using predictive, agile, and hybrid approaches concurrently, working better than if I had tried to fit all three into “waterfall” or agile, for example. And so far, the benefits have been greater than what I would normally expect, and, additionally, my adaptive approach has led to more and more work and personal opportunities.

At PM Workshops, we have seen the need to adapt our consulting and training services to a more bespoke and flexible methodology, not only because our clients have been requesting this but also because we have noticed the trend for some years. Therefore, it is not sufficient to segregate our consulting and workshops along with firm methodologies, such as purely agile, hybrid, or predictive, but rather a combination of all methodologies. We do this by first understanding our clients’ needs, current expertise, goals, and strategies. With this information, we can develop a customized approach to their current needs and where they want to be in a few years or more. This approach is greatly advantageous for our stakeholders. Still, it is also an exciting and interesting task for us since it requires agility and adaptability, which benefits us professionally and personally.

PM Workshops offers a wide variety of services and support. We are customer-focused and enjoy teaching and learning at the same time. If you would like to know more about our company and/or wish to schedule a training course or consulting session, please get in touch with us through this website or phone at 415.800.3035.

Project Management in 2022 and Beyond!

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