Project Manager PMP Certification Training

PM Workshops (PMW) incorporates both the theoretical, as well as practical, sides of project management into all our trainings.

Four days of classroom training, 35 PMI® required contact hours, and the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) 5th edition in preparation for the PMP Certification Exam. All of our courses can be run in-house and tailored to your requirements. In-house courses and programs are a cost-effective way of training a group of people with the same learning need. Visit Onsite PMP Training to learn more.

Project Manager PMP Certification Training

PMP Exam Refresher Course:

This course is intended for reviewing the exam material with an emphasis on the terms, concepts, and calculations needed to pass the exam. Also, we will cover the Project Charter, PM Plan, Earned Value Management (EVM), the ITTOs, and other sections from the PMBOK needed to pass the PMP Exam. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the elements required to improve participants’ project management skills.

The two-day refresher course is intended for those who:

  • Have taken a regular 35-hour contact course a while ago and need a quick review.
  • Have been through an online course and need to talk to a trainer to clarify key terms, concepts, and calculations.
  • Need to have a last-minute review course with an experienced instructor who can best prepare them to take and pass the exam.

We work in partnership with many respected industry bodies to offer our participants the opportunity to gain professional certification to build strength and capability within their organizations.

Project Manager PMP Certification Training

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