Quality Management Consultants

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In addition to providing training and coaching, we also offer a wide range of consulting services to our clients in the area of project management, as well as in its subsidiaries and supporting activities, such as:

Quality Management

In general, it is best to establish quality levels and metrics with the client early on in the project. Therefore, it is essential to prepare a quality management plan early in the project lifecycle. Additionally, it is crucial to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality management performed by checking the product and deliverables and assessing the effectiveness of the quality management activities and documentation.

Quality Management Consultants

Depending on the client’s needs, our consulting services can last a week, months, or much longer. We may also work full time or just a few hours a day or week to provide guidance and or performance evaluation and control. Our goal is to assist our clients in addressing and dealing with quality control and assurance as efficiently as possible. Therefore, we help our clients in the following areas:

  • Assist in establishing the quality level (high, medium, or low) as well as the client expectations at the start of the project, which typically includes:
    • detailing the quality level sought, as well as what that definition implies. For example, “high” quality may mean only one error/failure per 1,000 products checked or 1 per 10,000, etc.
    • Create a list of quality metrics per the project’s scope, the client’s expectations, and the organization’s strategic initiatives related to quality. For example, if the organization’s product is to develop bottles, then the quality metrics would include the diameter of the opening, such as 200 mm +/- 2 mm, a clarity level of 95%, etc.
    • Develop appropriate documentation, such as checklists, which will assist the reviewers in reaching the desired quality level.
    • Establish the processes needed to ensure the quality level required, such as the number of checkpoints needed before the release of any product/deliverable.
  • Prepare the entire Quality Management (QM) Plan, which includes the items listed in the previous bullets, plus develop the control and monitoring activities, including:
    • Quality assurance: this activity includes developing the documentation, such as checklists and processes required to achieve the desired quality. There would then be intermittent comparisons between the results found in the quality control activities and the defined metrics. If the results fall short of the acceptable target, then it means that the QM is not functioning appropriately.
    • Quality control: establish the activities, quantity of reviews, reviewer requirements (including certifications, as required,) and reporting formats for the results.
  • Perform periodic quality management reviews throughout the life of the project cycle, as required by the client, which includes:
    • assessing the effectiveness of the quality management and monitoring
    • identifying new quality requirements and issues, including their impact and value in terms of financial loss or gain
    • update quality requirements previously identified, which may include reducing or increasing the impact to project performance

Additionally, the above services include the effect and impact of these activities on other critical parts of the project, such as scope, schedule, cost, risk, procurement, and stakeholder expectations.

Our project managers have the academic training, vast project management experience, and the appropriate certifications to perform their assignments efficiently and effectively. The salient certifications related to project management include PMP (Project Management Professional), PMI-ACP (Project Management Institute – Agile Certified Professional), and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) Training.

Quality Management Consultants

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