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Choose the Best Project Management Certification Training for Your Needs

Preparing for your PMI PMP certification exam is crucial to your success. From in-person instructor-led training in our Barcelona offices to onsite trainings at your location, PM Workshops has a training option to fit your schedule, needs, and learning style. Whether you want your project management training to be highly structured, highly flexible, or something in between, we have just what you need.

In our workshops, you’ll:

  • Learn from industry experts who have earned the certifications you’re pursuing.
  • Receive exam prep that maximizes how much information you retain
  • Get the in-depth, real-world practice you can apply to your job and your exam.
  • Benefit from the most up-to-date PMBOK content and practices

Group training for corporate clients

It takes a fully trained team to keep your organization secure, and each organization has its unique training and certification needs. We understand that there’s no cookie-cutter solution, which is why we offer tailored training solutions centered around your organization’s budget, schedule, and cybersecurity certification requirements.

Our experienced trainers have studied and worked in their respective fields in the EU, U.S., and worldwide for a minimum of 20 years before joining PMW. Furthermore, their experience covers the gamut from banking to business/finance to the architectural-engineering-construction (AEC) field to manufacturing and production, and more. Their expertise affords them the ability to contour the workshops to their audience, explain the material in the participants’ industry-language, and provide the participants tools they can use in their day-to-day jobs.

Project Management Training

Your team will:

  • Learn from certified industry experts who understand you.
  • Get comprehensive exam prep that maximizes their content retention and performance. We use proven training techniques — with a focus on real-world learning activities and scenarios — so you get the most out of training.
  • Benefit from the most up-to-date content. We continually update our training content, so you’re learning about the most current exam topic areas and covering all domains of knowledge. You’ll have in-depth knowledge and understanding of new threats, technologies, regulations, best practices, and more.
  • Feel fully supported by our official study tools. You’ll receive the student handbook, flashcards, and practice exam questions for each domain topic.
  • Get in-depth, real-world practice. From practice exams to practice questions, they’ll have all the tools to prepare for the real exam and hone their skills.
  • They’ll feel confident heading into exam day!

Project Management Professional Certification – PMI PMP Exam Prep:

Four days of classroom training, 35 PMI® required contact hours, and the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) 6th edition in preparation for the PMP Certification Exam. All of our courses can be run in-house and tailored to your requirements. In-house courses and programs are a cost-effective way of training a group of people.

PM Workshops (PMW) incorporates both the theoretical, as well as practical, sides of project management into all our training. To that end, all our workshops include the following study materials, exercises, and case studies:

  • Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) 6th edition
  • Published sample exams
  • Customized quizzes, sample exams, and exercises
  • Study materials required to learn and understand the 49 processes, inputs-tools & techniques-outputs (ITTO), process groups, and knowledge areas
  • Templates for preparing a budget, schedule, charter (including a statement of work), scope, communications, plan, etc.

PMP Exam Refresher Course:

This course is intended for reviewing the exam material with an emphasis on the terms, concepts, and calculations needed to pass the exam. Also, we will cover the Project Charter, PM Plan, Earned Value Management (EVM), the ITTOs, and other sections of the PMBOK needed to pass the PMP Exam. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the elements required to improve participants’ project management skills.

The one-day refresher course is intended for those who:

  • Have taken a regular 35-hour contact course a while ago and need a quick review.
  • Have been through an online course and need to talk to a trainer to clarify key terms, concepts, and calculations.
  • Need to have a last-minute review course with an experienced instructor who can best prepare them to take and pass the exam.

PM Bootcamp

  • 3-day course based on the PMI project management framework
  • Develop hard (managerial) and soft skills
  • How to develop a formal project management plan, including scope, budget, and schedule, as well as quality management and communications plan among others (templates provided)
  • Practical communication skills, such as planning and running meetings, efficient written and verbal communication, etc.
  • How to manage multiple projects


  • 3-day course geared towards the practice of facilities management
  • Some theoretical terms will be reviewed, but the bulk of the workshop will cover practical approaches to facilities management, such as planning, budgeting, and scheduling facilities work.
  • Importance of local government and industry regulations
  • Short and far-term planning for facilities improvements and projects
  • Hands-on exercises geared towards developing a facilities management plan, as well as ancillary plans related to staffing, sustainability requirements, utility efficiency for cost-savings and environmental purposes, etc.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our training

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Project Management Training

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